The right job at the right place with the right fit is humanly possible.

What is Workforce Augmentation?

Workforce Augmentation, or better known as subcontracting, is primarily outsourcing of manpower on a skill requirement basis or project completion basis for a limited period of time. Workforceing may be desired when there is a dynamic requirement of people, or there is a requirement of skilled Workforce, or the requirement is for a limited period.

Why Workforce Augmentation?

Temporary Workforceing is an area where employers can make efficient large scale strategic savings on Workforceing requirements, keep a flexible effective workforce to hand and maintain Workforce through difficult times. The temporary Workforceing agencies will place temporary Workforce according to contracts available. This means employers will not have to outlay costs such as holiday pay, sickness benefits or other fringe benefits of permanent employment - except where official government regulations stipulate, temporary Workforce receives the same benefits.
These savings on temporary Workforceing - including Statutory Benefit schemes and insurances and perks, can be large when a percentage of the labour force is temporary. Buying in the right skills for the right projects seems like a good idea so far.

Staying lean during these times also makes sense

  • Time is Key: Easy and fast mobilization of skilled and Niche Resources
  • Increase Flexibility: Flexibility in ramping up and down of resources, Workforce levels can be managed to be at productive levels throughout the year
  • Reduce Cost: Savings on HR, Administration Cost, Workforce costs such as healthcare, insurance, taxes and benefits
  • Recruitment Made Easy: All the advertising, screening, interviewing and reference checking needed to attract and qualify potential employees is not required. This practice benefits by making one call and having Workforce sent that is ready to work and achieve the balance: quality goals with budgetary realities.
  • Reduce Training Cost: As they are pre-screened for the necessary skills, limited training is needed before the new employee becomes productive
  • No Payroll Processing: No need to process payroll for the temporary Workforce or generate year-end tax documents

Our Focus


Client Priorities: Right Individual, Right Skills, Right Time

Your firm may be looking for a very specific skill set or simply needing to augment your current technical Workforce. You may not be sure of your long-term technology needs and don't want to hire full time employee. Whether you need Workforce augmentation for a month or a year we have the Workforce to meet your needs. We have a recruiting Workforce with several years experience allowing us to respond to your needs in a timely fashion.



A key to the success of any Methodology is its simplicity and flexibility to respond to the rapidly changing business environment in the competitive global landscape. In this regard, our Workforceing methodology focuses on the key drivers to maximize success:

  • Time bound response and Service Level Agreements to prevent unnecessary delays. Most requests have a turn around time of less than 24 hours with a clear answer that allows the client to weigh its options and decide on how to proceed

Local Delivery


With a Global Reach

Though dedicated resources, we build strong working local relationship with our clients. To date, our Workforce augmentation managers have come to the aid of organizations that needed skills resources of varying areas. Our wide spread geographic reach has allowed us to have the unique power to serve our clients in diverse parts of the world. Staying within the core of our areas of expertise, when it comes to both satisfying client's needs, we see no boundaries.

Our Resources


Much like our dedication to our client, our commitment to both our internal as well as our large network of resources is to give them the opportunity to be placed in the right situation where they can be productive. Our recruiting managers are professionals in many of the areas listed below which puts them in an excellent position to aggressively qualify and match the need with the resource.

In the past, we have placed professionals in a variety of project management, process and technology services positions. Outlined below are our areas of strength.

Why Arisol for IT Workforce Augmentation

  •   Client-centric model with dedicated teams
  •  Domain- and skill-specific recruiting
  •   24x7 recruiting engine for speedy turnaround resulting in over 10,000 placements every year
  •  Global coverage with 50+ offices across 7 countries
  •   Consistently achieving high rate of candidate retention, well above industry standards
  •   Largest minority-owned U.S. IT Workforceing firm

We find great talent

Whatever your need – be it a single resource or a team of resources – thanks to our extensive database of candidates, we will find you the right talent in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We are flexible

We offer Workforce augmentation, team services (T&M and SOW) and permanent placement models and can help you quickly ramp up your team to meet your organizational and business objectives.

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